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  1. AK q01: How does the alkaline filter work? It says it "gives back" minerals such as calcium, but my water has no calcium to begin (already softened).(RCC7AK/RCC7AK-UV/RCC1UP-AK)
  2. AK q02: Are the minerals from a natural source, or made in a lab? Which country are the minerals from?
  3. AK q03: Is it okay to install the alkaline filter before the tank? Why not?
  4. AK q04: What PH can I expect with the alkaline filter? (RCC7AK/RCC7AK-UV/RCC1UP-AK)
  5. AK q05: How does adding minerals increase the waters pH?
  6. AK q06: Why is my TDS not 0? my system is RCC7AK
  7. AK q07: Is it safe to add a second alkaline filter to the system? What happens if I ingest too many minerals?
  8. AK q08: My system is with Alkaline filter, but why is my water still acidic?
  9. Customize q01: Is there any way that I can upgrade my 5 stage system to a 6 stage system?
  10. Customize q02: Can the UV light and the mineral cartridge be removed if I no longer want or need them?
  11. DI q01: What is DI filter? Can I drink the DI water? (RCC7D)
  12. General q01: What is the size and weight of the system, and how big is the tank?
  13. General q02: I have heard that reverse osmosis wastes a lot of water?
  14. General q03: Why I need a pressure tank?
  15. General q04: What is the Flow rate and how long to fill a container
  16. General q05: what is the minimum supply pressure with and without booster pump?
  17. General q06: I have approx 45 to 50 psi of water pressure. Do I need a booster pump? Can I bypass or remove it?
  18. General q07: Does it reduce Mercury. Floride,Fluoride,lead, Chlorimine,pharmaceuticals, copper, sulfer and nitrates?
  19. General q08: Does this system remove bacteria like e-coli and virus contaminates in the water?
  20. General q09: I want to install a TDS meter, at which point should it read 0?
  21. General q10: Is this faucet an air gap fauet?
  22. General q11: Can this system be used as a whole house filter
  23. General q12: Is the frame metal or plastic?
  24. General q13: Maximum distance from tank to faucet?
  25. General q14: Can I install the system in a basement or a nearby utility room if I don’t have the space under the sink?
  26. General q15: Can I add the UV to this system?
  27. General q16: I'm planning to install this system 10' away from sink. Does this package come with enough water lines (pvc plastic hoses)?
  28. General q17: Does the system shut off automatically when it’s not being used, or will it continue to drain water?
  29. General q18: I cannot find any information about the product both on nsf and wqa. please tell me why, or give me the link of nsf and wqa.
  30. General q19: Can I adjust the high and low pressure switches?
  31. General q20: does this machine require a connection to a drain?
  32. General q21: How long are the water connection lines?
  33. General q22: Can I use the system with a larger tank?
  34. General q23: How long does it take the pressure tank to refill once it’s been completely empty.
  35. General q24: Why is the 2nd and 3rd stage filter is not in a clear housing and will the storage tank rust?
  36. Installation q01: How about the installation? Does it include all of the parts you need?
  37. Installation q02: How much wall space will I need under the sink to install the filter system without any problems?
  38. Installation q03: How big is the hole I need to make when install the faucet?
  39. Installation q04: Shall I install the RO systme before or after the water softener?
  40. Installation q05: If I can install it at the basement and fulfil the faucets on the first and second floor?
  41. Installation q06: Can I connect to the fridge?
  42. Installation q07: does it need electricity?
  43. Installation q08: Can this be installed in an apartment, without drilling into the pipes?
  44. Installation q09: Can this be installed in an RV?
  45. Installation q10: I installed the system today. It sounds like it is continuously draining. Is that normal?
  46. Installation q11: Can this system be installed remotely (near the incoming water source in a mechanical room) or does it have to be installed under the sink?
  47. Installation q12: I'm planning to install this system 10' away from sink. Does this package come with enough water lines (pvc plastic hoses)?
  48. Installation q13: Is there any way that I can upgrade my 5 stage system to a 6 stage system?
  49. Installation q14: My refrigerator is about a 20 foot run from my kitchen sink. Is this going to be an issue? Will there be enough pressure?
  50. Installation q15: Can the storage tank lay on its side?
  51. Maintenance q01: How often to replace the cartridges and where to purchase them?
  52. Maintenance q02: Where can I get the replacement parts?
  53. Maintenance q03: Does the tank contain a food grade butyl bladder? If so, does the bladder need to be cleaned every year? How do you go about doing that?
  54. Pump q01: How does the pump help save water?
  55. Pump q02: Will a booster pump increase the flow output when you turn on the faucet?
  56. Pump q03: What is the minimum pressure requirements for the pump to work?
  57. Pump q04: My incoming water pressure is around 14psi, why doesn't the pump work?
  58. Pump q05: Is the pump always on, and can you hear it. Our living room is next to the kitchen and the background noise might be irritating. (RCC1P/RCC1UP/RCC7P/RCC7P-AK/RCC1UP-AK)
  59. Pump q06: Will the pump increase the efficiency of the RO Membrane?
  60. Pump q07: Can this be use on a 220V outlet?(RCC7P/RCC1P)
  61. Pump q08: Can the booster pump be attached separately? I don't think I need it in my current house but may need it later after moving to a new place.
  62. Pump q09: Why is a booster pump better than a permeate pump?
  63. Pump q10: How long will the pump last before it burns out?
  64. Pump q11: Will the pump help send the water 50+ feet?
  65. Pump q12: I took the pump apart for repair, how do I put it back together?
  66. Pump q13: Will the pump work in South America or Europe?
  67. Pump&UV q01: How many power outlets will I need with the system- RCC1UP-AK?
  68. Trouble Shooting q01: Have been using the system for three years, but lately the water pressure dropped and very little water comes out. What is wrong?
  69. Trouble Shooting q02: what happens to the RO filter if the drain line gets plugged up?
  70. Trouble Shooting q03: I found a leaking around filter housing, how can I fix it?
  71. Trouble Shooting q04: Little water out of faucet, tank is heavy and appears full of water, but the stream turns very weak after a few seconds. What is wrong?
  72. Trouble Shooting q05: Continuous drain problem?
  73. Trouble Shooting q06: Tastes and Odors in Product Water
  74. Trouble Shooting q07: My water is cloudy, is that Normal?
  75. UV q01: How can I tell if my UV light is working or not?
  76. UV q02: Does this model have the UV Sensor to turn on and off the UV light when not in use?(RCC7AK-UV/RCC7U/RCC1UP-AK)
  77. UV q03: Is there any way of knowing if the UV tube has failed?(RCC7AK-UV/RCC7U/RCC1UP-AK)
  78. UV q04: How can I tell if my UV light is working or not?

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