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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Basic Knowledge Q01 Does this filter address TDS reduction?  
  2. Basic Knowledge Q02 What is the difference between this small whole house filter(10'') and big whole house system(20'')?  
  3. Basic Knowledge Q03 Will this decrease water pressure to the house?  
  4. Basic Knowledge Q04 What are the water pressure requirements for the WGB32B system to work?  
  5. Basic Knowledge Q05 Is this system suitable for well water?  
  6. Basic Knowledge Q06 Will the WGB32B help with high sediment in well water?  
  7. Basic Knowledge Q07 Does this work on hot water?  
  8. Basic Knowledge Q08 Does it filter fluoride?  
  9. Basic Knowledge Q09 Does it filter calcium for hard water?  
  10. Basic Knowledge Q10 Does this system reduce Chlorine?  
  11. Basic Knowledge Q11 Does this filter out chloramine?  
  12. Basic Knowledge Q12 Will it remove a sulfuric (rotten eggs) smell?  
  13. Basic Knowledge Q13 Will the WGB32B help with high sediment in well water?  
  14. Basic Knowledge Q14 Does the WGB32B remove iron, lead and other heavy metals?  
  15. Basic Knowledge Q15 Is this whole house system a water softener?  
  16. Installation Q01 Is the flow left to right, right to left, or can it go either way?  
  17. Installation Q02 Can this system be installed on the exterior of a house? This house has no basement or crawl space, just concrete slab.  
  18. Installation Q03 Where do I install the system and can it be installed outdoors?  
  19. Installation Q04 Is this "easy" to install? I am not a plumber, and it's so difficult to find one.  
  20. Installation Q05 Do I need a storage tank for this system?  
  21. Installation Q06 Will the inlet and outlet accept threaded PVC couplings?  
  22. Installation Q07 In what order do the replacement filters go?  
  23. Maintenance Q01 Do both filters need to be changed at the same time?  
  24. Maintenance Q02 What size O-ring does the WGB22B/WGB32B use?  
  25. Maintenance Q03 How often do I need to replace the cartridges?  
  26. Troubleshooting Q01 Why is my WGB32B leaking from the red button?  
  27. Troubleshooting Q02 Why did my output water pressure drop a lot?  

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