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Troubleshooting Q05 I think I have a continuous draining problem.
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All RO systems create drain water. The drain water should run when the system is making water. The ratio of drain water to RO water is 2:1 for all of our RO systems. For a regular residential household, the waste water per day is about 3 more toilet flushes, which is minimal. The drain should stop after the tank is full. Allow 3 hours for the tank to fill up. If the drain is still running, the problem might be caused by the following reasons:

1 )Faulty automatic shut-off valve (ASV, the white square valve that connects to 4 tubings).
2) Faulty check valve (at the pure water outlet of the membrane housing).
3) Faulty flow restrictor (the small tube that marks "flow 300" and connects to the drain line).
4) Low tank pressure.
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